7th Nov 2012
30 Blogs with Practical Tips for Budgeting Childcare Expenses
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For many families, childcare expenses are among the largest drains on the family budget. Whether you’re considering public, center-based care or private, in-home care, either option will require that you pay a considerable amount in fees or salaries and taxes. For this reason, it’s important that you and your partner make a concerted effort to weigh the merits and drawbacks of each childcare method available to you and their potential impact on your finances. These 30 blogs offer a variety of creative ways to save money and budget for childcare, and may prove to be valuable sources of information for working parents.

Private Care vs. Public Care

Before you begin your search for affordable care, you’ll need to decide which route you’d ideally like to take. There are benefits to both public and private care, as well as areas in which they both have failings. Comparing those benefits and failings to determine what’s best for your child and your family is the first step to building your childcare budget.

Family-Based Childcare

If you’re fortunate enough to have relatives and extended family living in close proximity, family-based care may be a viable option for you. Many parents prefer to have their children cared for by a member of the family, and it may be a more economical option in many cases. However, there are some things you should consider before making the leap to family-based care, as outlined by these five blog entries.

Saving Money on Childcare

These five bloggers offer valuable and practical advice for saving money on childcare in a variety of ways, some of which may or may not be applicable to you or be a feasible option for your family. Taking the time to peruse and consider these bits of advice may lead to significant savings for your family, which will in turn free up a bit more breathing room in the household budget.

Most Economical Childcare Options

While every parent wants what’s best for their children, there are times when you simply have to make some budget cuts. These five bloggers discuss the most affordable, no-frills childcare options, which may help you find a solution during tough economic times.

Building a Family Budget

While you’re comparing methods of childcare, evaluating home-based versus center-based care, and taking a look at the best ways to save money on childcare costs, it’s important to know exactly how much your family can afford to pay each month. This requires you to already have a thoroughly-planned and accurate budget in place, a task that these five bloggers offer their advice and hints to help you accomplish.

Tax Credits

While navigating the world of state and federal tax codes can feel overwhelmingly complicated, there are a few money-saving options and tax credits available to working parents that are forced to pay for childcare. These five bloggers explain the finer points of tax credits and deductions for childcare in language that even laymen can understand.

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